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Lucky Charm
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Gena Showalter
La Práctica del Servicio Comunitario en Educación Especial: Una aproximación teórica desde el Sentir y Hacer de sus actores. (Spanish Edition)
Yarinés Perdomo
A Dash of Style: The Art and Mastery of Punctuation
Noah Lukeman
Elementary Children's Literature: The Basics for Teachers and Parents (2nd Edition)
Nancy A. Anderson

Rocked Under (Volume 1)

Rocked Under (Volume 1) - Cora Hawkes I had such a mix of emotions while reading this book that I wanted to both chuck it out the window and keep reading until the very end. Obviously I kept my kindle, otherwise I wouldn't have finished it. Following the main character's relationships was like watching a train wreck, you know things can only go from bad to worse but you still stick around to see it crash and burn so magnificently. The best part is that the interactions, although a little crazy at times, felt pretty real. It literary took me about 5 hours to read through the whole thing; it was around 2:30am when I started and is currently 7:40am as I'm typing this. Yup, I really couldn't put it down and I officially feel emotionally exhausted. What a damn ride!!!These are my immediate thoughts, I'll expand my review later on, after I catch up on some Zzzz...