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Straight to Heaven: Lilith Straight Series (Volume 2)

Straight to Heaven: Lilith Straight Series - Nancy Fulda, Michelle Scott Lilly Straight had it all, the husband, the daughter, the house, the money, the perfect life we all dream about every now and then. But after a series of events force her to give up her haute couture life style, Lilly most find a way to make ends meet if she wants to be able to support her family. It is at that moment that you belief you have begun to figure things out that life chooses to play one of its crazy cards and literary turn your world topsy-turvi. That is exactly what happens to Lilly, thanks to an accident she was sent straight to hell and now must honor a bargain with a demon done by one of her ancestors some generations back in order to be able to continue to care for her family. As succubi, Lilly must tempt people so that they fall to their doom, but is she capable of sacrificing other’s souls in order to save her own?Straight to Hell was a surprising reading with a story that once it has grabs you it refuses to let go. The story mixes the typical aspects and struggles of everyday life while adding as extra pressure the paranormal realm to create a compelling story with the age old battle of good vs evil. The book follows the life of a struggling mother trying to find her footing after practically losing all she was used to and finding herself barely able to scrape by for survival. To top things off she has to look after her nice and her irresponsible younger sister. And as if that wasn’t enough there is a very sexy incubus who’s giving the rounds around our heroine.I love to see that the main character has mundane obstacles to go through aside from the expected paranormal ones that are a staple of the genre. There are two reasons that enjoyed this struggles and it has nothing to do with the sheer pain. One is that it grounds the character making it more relatable that if the character was purely all mighty. It is easy to feel for Lilly, the single mother who can barely hold a job because she is going through one of those bad streaks we all get from time to time. Second, when you throw in the supernatural factors and you can see that the main character, through thick and thin, manages to ultimately juggle all of her problems and still come out on top, you can see that there is a strength within the character that makes it even more kick ass that if they she were burning cities on her wake. Lilly has a resilience to conform to other people’s impositions; she will question everything and determine the answers herself instead of letting others do the thinking for her.The bottom line is that I couldn’t put this book down. I began reading it around noon and was it was close to midnight when I realize that I had finished it. It’s a quick, very entertaining read that I would recommend.WARNING: Lilly Straight is a fictional character that questions God’s seemingly lack of actions towards our very corrupted society and who will challenge him whenever she can. Alternately, Lilly has a strong moral compass which, without divine intervention (that can be noted), allows her to fight her own personal temptations; proving that religion and values don’t necessarily go hand in hand with one another and that people can display one without the other. If it’s really hard for you to read about this sort of character, then you might want to skip this book.