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Lover Reborn: A Novel of the Black Dagger Brotherhood

Lover Reborn: A Novel of the Black Dagger Brotherhood - J.R. Ward WARNING: Some of the spoilers in this review reference to events from previous books, namely Lover Awakened, Lover Mine and Lover Unleashed.Talk about an emotional roller coaster.Book 10 in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series tells the story of Tohrment (Tohr). Tohr’s wife, Wellsie, was killed by a lesser while she was pregnant of their first son. Tohr hasn’t being the same vampire since. First he was seeking to end his life, now he is trying to quench his thirst for revenge by mutilating before killing every single lesser possible. However, fate has other plans for this Brother. Queue the lights over to Lassiter, an angel; literary sent from above with one mission –“get this vampire back on track” (Kindle Locations 1229-1230)Just so you know, the rumors are true; get yourselves a few tissues or something to stop the waterworks, this book is sad. The book is divided according to the seasons; a full year goes by throughout the story, both beginning and ending on winter.Let me tell you, Tohr has always hold a dear corner in my heart, he is my third favorite of the brothers, Zsadist being #1 and Rehv, even though not a brother per se, being #2. Still, Tohr has always being that father figure and not just for John Mathews, but for everyone at the Brotherhood. Which is why some of his actions in this book made me want to slap the shit out of him; I wanted to reach in and shake him so bad, maybe even slam him against a wall to see if he still had any reasoning capabilities left in him; yeah, it gets that bad. I mean, there is no way I would have been happy if he had just woken up and completely forgotten about Wellsie, but come on, did he had to be that huge jackass? Apparently yes. The female heroine of the story is just as damaged as Tohr is; with the bonus of being a bit more mature about things (but only a bit). No’One has had to live her own version of hell for the past couple of centuries. Her decision to kill herself soon after giving birth to baby Xhex, whom was product of a rape, has landed her into a life of servitude. Now, she is back to try to create a relationship with the daughter she abandoned at birth. Unfortunately, wanting to fix things won’t necessarily be a smooth business. A fact that Xhex will also come face to face throughout the story; and if she thought that having her mother around was hard wait until she discovers that marriage is not always rosy. Although Lover Reborn tells primarily the story of Tohr and No’One, the plot is not limited to their interactions. Xhex and John and their marital problems take the spot occasionally as well as remaining on the background. Qhuinn get also quite a bit of “camera time” with his dilemma over Blay and Layla. Speaking of the Chosen, there is a WTF moment that will have some of you re-reading the lines over just to make sure that you read correctly; let me tell you, you did.Other characters from the brotherhood are mentioned occasionally as well, among them Rhage takes the cake, I mean, Hollywood is downright hilarious on this book; for example: Rhage wheeled around, shoved out his butt, and started slapping his moneymaker like it was bread dough. (Kindle Location 925) The rest of the brotherhood is seen mostly because some of the characters interact with them. Wrath is one of the few others that gets more time compare to, say, Butch. Who does get considerably more attention is the Band of Bastards, specially their leader Xcor. Oh Xcor, you are the biggest paradox I’ve read yet. I don’t want to reveal to much of him to you but I have to say that after reading this book I can’t take out of my head the idea that if Xcor had been raised by someone other than the Bloodletter he might have *gasp* been a male of worth? Who knows, the WARDen might throw some interesting twists in the upcoming books.Lastly, for those who were not so happy with the previous books being so lesser focused you’ll love to know that in Lover Reborn they barely make it into the pages. The few times lessers are mentioned are in a faceless sort of way. Yes, there is a new, unknown, Fore-lesser and yes, he is wreaking havoc, but still, he is in the background – just a distant noise. However, some foundation is being laid here; I might be wrong but I bet lessers will take a more active role again in future books.The bottom line is I enjoyed this book for all the drama and all the character development it has. It’s a great –albeit slow– read that shines among the BDB collection. Tohr has always been a strong character and this book only accentuates that, even if it’s by showing his weaknesses. This review appears originally on my blog; for quotes from the book visit Journey with Words.