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City of Fallen Angels (Mortal Instruments, Book 4)

City of Fallen Angels - Cassandra Clare First of All ****SPOILER ALERT**** (i might get carried away unintentionally)...Ok so for the most part i really liked this book. Most of the main characters on it have a very interesting and welcome growth (Isabel comes to mind). I was so into it, and then the last chapter came. OH MY GOD!!! I was so frustrated... ARGH!!!!!!!!!! I really hated that last chapter; I mean, I get it, this book is #4 out of 6 now. I get that the book needs a new plot line that can be taken through a span of three books (much like the Valentine plot) but seriously can we cut Jace a break its like the poor kids has gone through the hero's journey and got stuck in hell with no way to come out. UGH!!!****HEAVY SPOILERS AFTER THIS LINE****(City of Fallen Angels and Clockwork Angel)****-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------There was another part of the books i did not liked; i get the whole mark of Cain. I actually loved the detailed description of how the whole sevenfold works; i did not liked that it was used to finish Lilith. Maybe is because of her whole significance, who she was and what she did, but i was expecting more out of her end. That scene reminded me a lot of the scene on Clockwork Angel were Will kills the she-demon on the abandoned house. I expected a full blown action scene there, that showed the skills of the shadowhunters then she was dead (the demon was on an impenetrable circle that apparently not even fire could get through, yet the chandelier killed her, please!!). And i definitely expected a full blown action scene on this particular moment (Lilith's death) that showed both Jace's and Simon's skills and prowess. All in all i liked the book and i will definitely read the next one. I'm just hopping that the light at the end Jace's tunnel (and Clari's for that matter) is closer than i dread to imaging.