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Lucky Charm
Marie Astor
Last Kiss Goodnight
Gena Showalter
La Práctica del Servicio Comunitario en Educación Especial: Una aproximación teórica desde el Sentir y Hacer de sus actores. (Spanish Edition)
Yarinés Perdomo
A Dash of Style: The Art and Mastery of Punctuation
Noah Lukeman
Elementary Children's Literature: The Basics for Teachers and Parents (2nd Edition)
Nancy A. Anderson

At the Bottom of the River

At the Bottom of the River - Jamaica Kincaid A paragraph long, single sentence that showcases a conversation (more like a dictatorship) between a mother and her daughter. In this short story -that takes one full page- the mother is telling her daughter, relentlessly, the correct and incorrect ways to do everything; from house chores, to cooking, to how to take care of men, etc. Most importantly, the mother keeps telling her daughter how not to be "the slut she is so hell bent on becoming." Even though there is no prove what so ever that the daughter has disrespected her mother or her upbringing in any way.