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Archangel's Consort (Guild Hunter)

Archangel's Consort   - Nalini Singh Archangel’s Consort picks up a few weeks after the events in Archangel’s Kiss. Elena and Raphael are finally back in New York City, but the place no longer feels like home for Elena. She not only needs to deal with the constant harassment from news crews and the average onlookers, she also has to deal with her gem of a father (please note the sarcasm). Raphael fares no better, having a few vampires fully giving in to their desires thinking that Raphael is dead and won’t punished them. And because things cannot just be peaceful around this two, the very fabric of the world is threatened when all the disrupting signs point to an archangels awakening. But not just any archangel, one of the Ancients, a being so old that even Lijuan might not be enough of a match.The story is highly entertaining. We keep discovering more information about the angelic culture, their strengths and weaknesses in all their colorful aspects. Family issues take front row and center in this book. Raphael’s mother is awakening and with it bring a shift in the Cadre that no one wants to even consider. Meanwhile, a secret about the Deveraux Family is discovered that literary rocks the already brittle foundations. Even Illium has his own personal problems to deal with.This is a high drama story with potentially catastrophic stakes that has the characters being pulled from one corner to the next. It is, like the previous books, one of those reads that you just can’t put down. The only problem I had with the story is that Elena keeps going back to her “how can he have chose me” state in more than one occasion. It’s a bit like watching a Ping-Pong match, she goes back and forth between her incredulity and her standing up for their relationship against all odds. The sex scenes continue to be descriptive and intense. I'm a bit conflicted over the epilogue, but that it's because it feels like closure. The next book on the series features Dmitri and the one after will feature Jason. Archangel's Consort feels like the main story between Elena and Raphael has come to an end; at the very least for the time being. In all, I enjoyed the book and I can’t wait for next chapter in their story if there's any.*The book contains a special preview of Kiss of Snow, a Psy-Changeling Novel.This review first appeared on my blog, Journey with Words