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Archangel's Blade (Guild Hunter)

Archangel's Blade - Nalini Singh Honor strength, as a lead character, comes from sheer survival instincts. She was abused beyond recognition and now bores the vestiges from the trauma. At the beginning of the story Dmitri aptly calls her a rabbit because that is how she is portrayed, skittish and nervous. As the storyline progresses she begins to believe in herself and to pick up the pieces of who she used to be before the incident, slowly stepping into the heroine role. She’s a likable character who’s maternal instincts and soft nature contrasts greatly with Dmitri’s ruthlessness.Dmitri has always been a strong player in the Guild Hunter Series, as Raphael’s second he is one of the most ruthless vampires, although Venom could give him a run for his money. But it isn’t until Archangel’s Blade that we learn the reasons behind that cold blooded heart. We also get to discover Dmitri’s soft side; does he have one? The simple answer is yes. For a book that didn’t hook me from the opening chapters like its predecessors had done, Dmitri’s character shows a great depth and an emotional pull that sneaks up on you and wraps around you tight enough that by the time the story’s unraveling occurs there is no turning back. To be honest, as the book began I didn’t felt the immediate connection the characters were describing they felt to one another. As the story opens, their banter feels forced. Maybe is because Honor is not a character that was eased into the picture, rather one that came down on a parachute and took the lead role. However as the narrative progresses and the relationship gets explored the attraction becomes believable. Especially after details about Dmitri’s past begin to surface and Honor’s journey to recovery takes a turn.I enjoyed the book, it took me longer to finish than the previous ones because it took me longer to be hooked by the story, but once is did is was a nice journey. It was actually good to see the real Dmitri and to go along Honor as she tries to end the nightmares that hunt her. If you are a fan of Nalini Singh you will enjoy this book.Be aware, this book contains some serious hot scenes.