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Last Kiss Goodnight
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La Práctica del Servicio Comunitario en Educación Especial: Una aproximación teórica desde el Sentir y Hacer de sus actores. (Spanish Edition)
Yarinés Perdomo
A Dash of Style: The Art and Mastery of Punctuation
Noah Lukeman
Elementary Children's Literature: The Basics for Teachers and Parents (2nd Edition)
Nancy A. Anderson

The Sketch-Book of Geoffrey Crayon, Gent (Oxford World's Classics)

The Sketch-Book of Geoffrey Crayon, Gent (Oxford World's Classics) - Washington Irving, Susan Manning Bought this ebook primarily because I was assigned a few of its short story in my North American Writters class. The stories are amazing, my favorite ones are "Rip Van Winkle" and of course "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow". This particular edition was free on Amazon.com and although it is very well organized and there weren't any errors that I could find, I'm docking one star for a critical flaw on the ebook's design. The table of content is not hyperlinked, so if you just want to read a certain story instead of the whole book you need to go through the entire book "page" by "page" in order to reach your desired destination. If the table of content had been hyperlinked I would have given it the full 5 stars.