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Kiss of Midnight: A Midnight Breed Novel (The Midnight Breed)

Kiss of Midnight  - Lara Adrian This book is right up my alley, it has all the Urban Fantasy elements that I love: Crafty and powerful Witches and Warlocks (check!) Strong and pretty friendly vampires (check!) Hot and steamy werewolves (check!) Deadly and somewhat unhinged fairies (check!) Unknown superpower as the main character (check!) Some nasty demons (check!) Action and adventure (check!) A good fast paced story line (check!) And a great city to host all the paranormal activity (check!)Crimson Midnight is one of those books that once you pick up its hard to put down unless absolutely necessary. You know which ones I’m talking about, the ones that you eat while reading because you can’t stop; yup, one of those. Rose Carmichael is a survivor. She was assaulted at age 15 and thanks to her father’s help she has come out of it a stronger person. Now, a 21-year-old, Rose is ready to move on with her life. She moves, with best friend in tow, from the country side to the busy city of London searching for her freedom and a chance to leave her past behind while forging a new future. Shame destiny has other plans for her. Although the book revolves mainly around Rose, the other characters (and there are plenty of other characters) take the spotlight occasionally as the story goes back and forth between them. Upon reaching her destination Rose begins to hang out with her godmother’s son and his group of friends, who unbeknownst to her are all of the supernatural kind. But when she is attacked by a demon, she finds herself diving head first into a world she never knew existed. Unfortunately for her, her attack wasn’t the only one. Someone is kidnapping members of the supernatural community as well as humans. Rose and her friends are against the clock trying to decipher this unknown threat; and to make matters worse she is lusting big time for Roman, the sexy werewolf son of Flo, Rose’s godmother. If only Roman wasn’t Thistle’s boyfriend Rose wouldn’t be so worried about hurting her vampire friend’s feelings by actin on her own.I enjoyed this book and love the setting of the story; London has always been one of the cities I want to visit at some point in my life. The fast pace keeps you glued to the kindle while the various scenarios make you want to know more about the characters.I did have one small problem but I’m not sure if I should chalk it up to the ebook’s formatting. The story has various intertwined points of views (POVs) constantly shifting. Sometimes the point of view shifted mid paragraph or mid action which made it just a bit confusing, but as you read you could quickly get back in track. The rest of the times there is a clear (spatial) division from one POV to the next. It could be that at sometime during formatting a few spaces were skipped or something. My favorite character of the entire book is in fact one of the one with the least screen time, but every single time has some of the best comic lines of the book. Flo, the mother figure in the book, is one of the few humans in the story and her attitude had me laughing or smiling in every scene she was in. She reminds me of my mother:Erin’s shouts cut through the serenity. “NO! NO! NO!” There was a crash. “Erin!” Flo stood hands on hips. Erin came skulking into the kitchen. His face was red with anger “This stupid bloody game!” “Don’t you dare swear in my house!” Flo yelled. “And don’t slam that controller on me coffee table!’ “You say bloody all the time,” said Erin matter-of-factly. “And anyway, bloody ain’t swearing.”“I will do as I please. This is my house and it’s my rules. And bloody is bloody swearing. And its ‘isn’t’ not ‘ain’t’ remember?” “You’ve just said it twice!” Erin cried in exasperation. “I’ll have none of your lip. I’ll take the bleedin’ game away from ya if ya gonna be like that.” Erin huffed and stormed out of the kitchen. “Bloody kids. Sorry, luv,” Flo said. Rose bit back her laughter. “It’s okay, really.” “I’ll apologise now for the rows to come.” (Crimson Midnight; Kindle Locations 853-867)The bottom line is that this is a great story that I truly recommend to all Urban Fantasy lovers. It has a great world construction that I can’t wait to see where the authors take it. This review also appears on my blog, Journey with Words