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Lucky Charm
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La Práctica del Servicio Comunitario en Educación Especial: Una aproximación teórica desde el Sentir y Hacer de sus actores. (Spanish Edition)
Yarinés Perdomo
A Dash of Style: The Art and Mastery of Punctuation
Noah Lukeman
Elementary Children's Literature: The Basics for Teachers and Parents (2nd Edition)
Nancy A. Anderson

The Concise 21st Century Crossword Puzzle Dictionary

The Concise 21st Century Crossword Puzzle Dictionary - Kevin McCann, Mark Diehl A good short story about the decisions we make in life and the consequences that arise from them. The City of Eternal Hope tells the sorry of Bhasset, a female demon, and her downfall from grace. Bhasset’s job is to lure unsuspected humans into willingly give away their souls to her. But when she sets her eyes on Tim she doesn’t realizes that her doom is close. This is a (as far as I’m aware) a kindle only short story of approximately 14 pages long. To tell you more about it will give away the whole plot, but if all you want is to read a quick story that makes you rethink your choices in life you can check this one out.