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Bloodfever: The Fever Series (A Mackayla Lane Novel)

Bloodfever (Fever #2) - Karen Marie Moning The Sinsar Dubh is out there and Mac is the only one that can sense it; a war is quickly approaching and with it the introduction of new players into the ever changing table that holds the world of the Fever series. At the end of Darkfever we left Mac shivering on the rooftop of Barrons Books and Baubles alongside the man himself. The Sinsar Dubh is now in Dublin and havoc is sure to follow. The world keeps growing and expanding with the introduction of key players and some more disposable ones (won’t tell you which one is which, that’ll be cheating you out of some good twists). Mac –and by extension Alina– are not the only sidhe-seers anymore. We get to discover a bit more of their world through the eyes of Dani, a young, strong, cocky, reckless, very observant and foul-mouth-to-no-end curly redhead with some serious authority issues that will make you want to hold and cuddle her as well as teach her some manners; in summary just your typical teenager. Dani is a great offset to Mac’s innocent (and sometimes naïve) views of the world that Mac knows almost nothing about and an welcome ball of pure energy to Mac’s obscure future.We get to discover a bit more about the intriguing owner of my favorite library including some minor secrets of his. Still, Barrons is an incredibly mysterious man that will not betray the least bit of information on himself, always guarding all his sides and always protecting the reluctant Mac. So after doing pretty much the damsel in distress routine, Mac chooses to expand her sources of information in Sinsar Dubh matters. She is trying to keep all possible options open and trying to grab as much information as she can while giving as little as possible in return. One thing that started to come clear to me as I was reading this book is that Karen Marie Moning likes to shuffle things up. Whenever I started settling into the story and began feeling like I was one or two steps ahead of the tale; Mrs. Moning threw a good twist that sucker punched me back to “WTF?!” territory. You know what? I hate it as much as I love it every single time. I hated it simply because is frustrating; yet I loved it because it kept the story fresh and unpredictable and that is what makes you want to devour every single page of a book. The bottom line is that most books that start with a bang don’t necessarily live up to expectations in their sequels, yet Bloodfever manages to raise the bar a bit farther than before. Is a great Urban Fantasy book that will leave you begging for more. Just a thought: This series was recommended to me by the great people at Black Dagger Brotherhood Yahoo Group, one thing they were very clear was, if you can manage it grab all five books before you start reading them. That is possibly the sanest advice in regards to The Fever Series. Here is my twist on the advice, grab the first book and if you like it enough to by the second, try to grab all remaining four books, they are already out there with the spin-off coming out next October. The books have horrible cliffhangers, I’m so glad I had them at hand, you will two.This review also appears in Journey with Words.