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The One Worth Finding

The One Worth Finding - Teresa Silberstern Let me start by saying that BDSM is not my kind of erotica; I got prove of that while reading this book. I consider myself to be extremely open minded about everything; life is too short to place unnecessary limits on it and should be enjoyed always. In books, the only restrictions I believe in is age restrictions and that is only to keep innocence as long as possible, not to censure reading. Other than that I say bring it! I bought this book because it was recommended, and even though I was a little skeptical about the concept when I started it, I was sucked in by the story so amazingly that I’m glad I gave it a chance.I'm not going to discuss or compare the actual BDSM scenes because is a subject I, honestly, know nothing about and I don't think is fair to the story or the author. I do want to elaborate on what made this book a page turner for me which is the characters and their story.I was impressed with the depths of the relationship and the feelings it evokes. I simply love it, love the characters (wanted to smack one character in particular more than once). Love their interactions and the devotion they show to one another.Aaron Harte is in a class of his own. He is such a strong character while being so sweet and cute and innocent that it made me reconsider the concept of submission (if only for a bit). He is fearless, kind and loving, devoted and tender. He is the one that makes this book shine.To counter his sweet, innocent, charismatic boy persona, we have Tara; a woman who lost the love of her life to a car accident and who became so distant that she seems to have a frozen heart inside her chest. In reality, the accident has left her so broken that all she can do is cling to the ghost of the past.Tara's past and mule-headed point of view makes this journey feel like a crazy emotional roller coaster ride; but is definitely all worth it.I do recommend this book to anyone who enjoys erotica, even if, like me, haven't ever read a BDSM story before.This review also appears in Journey with Words.