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Elementary Children's Literature: The Basics for Teachers and Parents (2nd Edition)
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Triad (Witches' Knot, Book 1)

Triad - Lauren Dane My first erotica read. I found this book while I was searching the kindle store at amazon a few weeks ago; In there, I organize the entries based on the book’s prices and always begin with the lowest price ($o.oo) first. This book was free and even though it was originally published in 2005 the description hooked me right away. The book in incredibly steamy and the plot is very engaging. However, I have a few problems with the book. As a disclaimer let me say that, not only is this my first erotica read it is also the first book that I read by Lauren Dane.Here is my own summarize of the book’s plot, spoiler free: Lee is the strongest witch her family has seen in generations, with her power of dream walking her job, along with the rest of her family, is to protect the people of New Orleans. Lee has been dreaming with a mysterious guy for the past two months, she doesn’t know the guys but feels an inexplicable connection to him. When she finally meets him a series of events threaten to break her, her family and the peace in New Orleans apart while a new series of dreams about another man threatens her relationship with her dream man. Can Lee be strong enough to face this new evil that is on the mists and is she capable of loving one man and lusting for another? Now, what I liked about the book is its story and its characters, they are both very well written and interesting. What I don’t like is that the action takes place way too quickly. In the book Lee (a witch) is walking down the street and bumps into Aidan (a vampire), whom she’s been dreaming about for the past several weeks, she feels and inexplicable connection to him and bam! is in bed with him that same night and getting married to him by vampire tradition, all in the spam of one day. Her family is shocked but extremely open to the concept of their daughter getting married to a complete stranger; the only one who argues about the situation is her father but he quickly gives up. Aidan’s family is no different, they seem to welcome her big arms extended, no questions ask. Because there is an evil wizard trying to corrupt Lee’s magic in order to get to her Aidan calls his best friend, Alex, into town (a wizard of light) to help protect his wife. However, Lee has begun to dream about Alex too and the moment she meets him sparks fly. I will not spoil more surprises from the book because I already have said enough and with the title and the book’s cover I’m pretty sure you can imagine some of what is coming. I will say that the plot, although crazily fast, sort of works for the characters. Bottom line is, I like it but I didn’t love it; I will however read the next installment in the series.Parts of this review were originally posted on my blog